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Safe Infant Formula Ingredient


Maltodextrins are nutritional sweeteners made from dried glucose syrups that are derived from dense and waxy cornstarch. Compliant with high safety standards for infant formula and processed baby foods, they are widely used in infant formulae and clinical nutrition. Additionally, maltodextrins are known for their easily assimilated energy as well as high purity and well-controlled mineral content.


Maltodextrins are an excellent choice not just because they are perfectly safe and suitable for infants, but also for the great mouth-feel and energy they impart to products.


Jebsen Specialty Chemicals offers high quality Tate & Lyle maltodextrin to Greater China through a partnership with the global food ingredients provider. The innovative Tate & Lyle Maltosweet™ line has expanded the use of maltodextrin from infant formula and processed baby foods to include confectionery, dairy, ice cream, sauces, sports drinks, and more. Maltosweet™ is available in powder and granular form.



  • Meets highest safety standards for infant formulae and processed baby food
  • Pure and well-controlled mineral content
  • Great mouth-feel
  • High reliability
  • Safe


  • Available in powder and granular form
  • Made from dried glucose syrup
  • Mild sweetness


Maltosweet™ Series



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